WEB innovation platform

Strategic Project for support of establishment of Innovation Network for Industry and Thematic Innovation platforms (INI project) has four specific objectives, the first of which is specific objective: Mapping the business sector’s research, development and innovation capacity and establishing an effective institutional structure and WEB platform for research, development and innovation within the National innovation system.

Through the implementation of the INI project, Innovation Network for Industry and Thematic Innovation Platforms will be established to provide equal regional development through support to the smart specialization of the Republic of Croatia and the use of territorial capital at the local and regional level.

By mapping the technological and RDI capacity of the business sector, insight into the strengths and weaknesses of certain parts of the Republic of Croatia for R & D will be gained. That is going to be a basis for further national level support in order to strengthen and develop the equitable development and innovation infrastructure.

Sharing those capabilities on a single WEB platform will enable easier recognition of development and investment opportunities in certain regional centers and directing potential investors to specific thematic priority areas identified through the Smart Specialisation Strategy. In line with the objective circumstances and the implementation plans of the project, the expected start of the WEB innovation platform is in the year 2019.