Thematic innovation councils

Through the implementation of this project five Thematic innovation councils will be established with the role of directing the development of dedicated S3 areas with an emphasis on the business sector (continuation of the entrepreneurial discovering process). Through strengthening of the innovation system, CIRAZ will perform tasks of Secretariat of thematic innovation councils within Innovation network for the industry as well as preparing, maintaining and upgrading the web thematic innovation platform within innovation network. CIRAZ will also work on networking in knowledge and innovation communities as well as EU technological platforms. It will also participate in the systematic foresight of possibilities for further development of Croatian economy and smart specialization.

Centre will map technological capacities and the level of technological development of Croatian companies and through gathered data create development strategies for research, development, and innovation of business sector.

Companies can expect help from the Centre regarding the development of tender documentation for R&D projects as well as preparation of project ideas ‘’supply’’, but it will also work on education regarding the procedures for tender application and methodology for application and implementation of research, development and innovation projects. It will be possible to find sources of funding through the Centre and it will also provide support to the business sector in applying intellectual property rights protection and enhancing the knowledge and skills capacity of the business sector, especially in the field of research, development, and innovation.

Centre won’t be engaged in the activities of providing financial support to companies, hand out subsidies to companies nor will it decide about EU resource allocation.