Implementation of project activities

Project implementation plan includes 5 elements:

Project element 1: Support of implementation and operational work of Innovation network for industry and thematic innovation platforms

Implementation of the Strategic project is based on above mentioned element which has an objective to integrate several connected activities that will create a synergic effect that will yield expected results and indicators that this Project has to reach. In the basis of element 1. implementation is to contract advisory services that will support the implementation of activities and that will, through integral and synergic approach with other project elements, support successful implementation and realization of given goals and wanted results.

In the interest of operational functioning of defined National innovation system, it is necessary to define all capacities that support that system. Innovation encouragement strategy has clearly defined the framework around innovation politics implementation and has set a clear managing structure with structural roles of public bodies to support innovation. Specific instruments of public support and innovation funding through 2020. have been clearly described in the measures from Innovation encouragement strategy. Innovation network for industry is a part of innovation system of Republic of Croatia and its goal is to provide support to industry in commercialization of applied research and experimental development as well as application of new technologies through mapping and functioning of R&D and innovation infrastructure and existing R&D and innovation resources for boosting competitiveness of priority economy sectors of Republic of Croatia. Establishment and support of Innovation network for industry activities will be the result of cooperation between public, business, and academic sectors and it will be made of thematic innovation platforms established according to identified thematic priority areas of Smart specialization strategy.

One of the first activities of Innovation network for the industry will be the capacity mapping of business sector for research, development, and innovation. Unification of business sector mapping with the results of academic sector mapping that is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport will provide the full scale of all R&D and innovation capacities of the Republic of Croatia. That important precondition is the basis for further activities of the project that has an objective to connect all participants of the innovation system through the establishment of unique innovation web platform.

Parallel to R&D&I capacity mapping, institutional establishment, and its work will start off- as it is defined in the Innovation encouragement strategy of Croatia. Innovation council for the industry will be established as well as thematic innovation councils for 5 S3 thematic priority areas. Also, Secretariat of thematic innovation councils will be formatted within the Partner institution and International advisory council (INOVA THINK-THANK).

Important activity within this element is to establish evaluation and monitoring system for implementation of Innovation encouragement strategy of Croatia for 2014.-2020.

Employees of User and Partner will support the implementation of scheduled activities throughout the duration of the project. In that way, the capacities of User and Partner employees will be increased and they will be capable of implementing activities independently throughout and after the project and those activities are a necessary precondition for the effective and meaningful functioning of operational part of innovation system imagined through Innovation network for industry.

Project element 2: Development of R&D&I strategy for business sector for identified S3 thematic priority areas and preparation of R&D&I projects supply

Project element 2 is a direct extension to project element 1 in a sense that for creation of strategies for research, technological development and innovation of business sector, that are main goals of this element, it is needed to have unified set of data and analysis gathered through technological mapping process and listing of all capacities of innovation system in one place. Also, the connection is clear in the necessity of established and operational functioning of innovation system (primarily Thematic innovation councils) and adequate involvement of all relevant participants through formed Action work groups within 5 thematic innovation councils.

Additional key factor and added value of the project is the support of implementation and absorption of resources allocated through Operational program Competitivity and Cohesion 2014.-2020., Specific goal 1b1, in which it is planned to allocate 100 mil. EUR. Project element 1 activities will provide support to the successful spending of foreseen allocation through the preparation of project supplies of business sector for activities in research, development, and innovation within each S3 thematic area.

Project element 3: Promotion of innovation politics and strengthening the knowledge and capacities of business sector in the field of research, development, and innovation 

Project element 3 is focused on promoting the Republic of Croatia as an innovative country and informing the business sector and the wider public about the meaning of innovation for increasing the competitiveness of Croatian economy and development of society in general. Within this element expert education will be provided to business subjects regarding significance and necessity of investments in the field of research, technological development and innovation aimed at increasing productivity and diversification of existing manufacturing activities.

Project element 4:  Promotion and visibility

Implementation of activities regarding promotion and project visibility will take place according to regulations from the contract for allocation of non-refundable resources to announce the fact that the EU is co-funding the project.

Methods of the public announcement will be aimed at users of project results (innovation system participants), and, when needed, towards media and public in order to raise the awareness about the results of the project and provided assistance from the EU in project implementation.

During the project implementation according to communication plan defined measures for public informing will take place. Through the implementation of this activity adequate involvement of all relevant target groups, as well as other partners, will be the key factor.

Project element 5. Project management and administration

Project management and administration is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Economy as the user of the project.