Innovation council for industry

Strategy for innovation encouragement, between its missions, has to work on improvement of the national innovation system efficiency. One of the goals is to change >governance< model into >policy< model of network according to which public, private, academic and civil sectors on local, national and international level work together building a unique and complementary innovation eco-system. The aim of this priority is to achieve management efficiency of innovation system of the Republic of Croatia through the connection of all factors of innovation politics and development of synergies with other fields of politics. For efficient and institutionally recognized innovation system it is of great importance to receive the political support of highest level in national decision making in order to increase public awareness regarding the importance of innovation for increasing the competitiveness of Croatian economy and society in general.

Furthermore, with the development of system monitoring and evaluation of innovation politics, the aim is to ensure measuring of innovation politics effect as well as suggestions for improving the existing system of innovation encouragement measure.

A coordinated approach to innovation system management doesn’t exist in Croatia. Government department bodies, implementation agencies and partner institutions are not aligned in the implementation of innovation encouragement activities.

In order to provide necessary political support to reach the long-term vision of economic development and increasing the competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia through innovation encouragement, it is needed to form an Innovation industry council as a body in charge of managing the implementation of Innovation encouragement strategy.

Innovation industry council is in charge of:

  • Coordination and direction of operational implementation of defined priorities and measure from Innovation encouragement strategy of Republic of Croatia 2014.-2020. through providing recommendations and decision-making regarding the implementation of national innovation priorities towards selected bodies and organizational units within identified innovation system
  • Suggestion of measures for improvement of innovation system
  • Publishing of necessary recommendations towards participants of innovation system that are identified as those that are not implementing affirmed measures and those that are losing pace with reaching affirmed measures from the Strategy
  • Approval of yearly reports about the state of innovations
  • Adoption of recommendations for improvement and revision of innovation policy goals and priorities

The government of Croatia will establish the Innovation industry council where the head of the council will be the person in charge of public administration for the economy. Responsibilities, tasks and operational functioning of the Council will be regulated through Regulations of conduct. Members of the Council will be the representatives of the body of public administration that are operationally responsible for implementation of Innovation encouragement strategy, representative of National council for science, higher education, and technological development, representatives of R&D institutions, economists, representatives of local and regional autonomies and distinguished scientists and researchers from Republic of Croatia and Croatian diaspora.