INOVA Think Thank

THINK THANK is an international advisory council for implementation of industrial, innovation and S3 strategies.


  1. Creation and promotion of new ideas for social and economic development of the Republic of Croatia
  2.  Consulting in the implementation process of Innovation encouragement strategy and Smart Specialisation Strategy


International advisory council (THINK THANK) will be formed as a work group of appointed international expert with the main goal of creating and promoting new ideas and providing advice regarding the implementation of innovation programs and support for implementation carriers of Smart Specialisation Strategy and Innovation Encouragement Strategy.

The main implementation of this activity will be linked with contracting of advisory services that will mainly come up with the concept and establish INOVA THINK THANK and ensure its functioning in the first 4 years. The council will meet two times a year to discuss and provide specific inputs to implementation bodies of Innovation system (Ministry of Economy) and CCE, Centre for Industrial Development, Thematic innovation councils) through documentation publishing, discrete meetings and encounters, organization of activities and dissemination of results and knowledges acquired through work of International advisory council.

CIRAZ employees will be involved in the implementation of the project and will serve in the function of Secretariat while supporting the work of implementation body through preparation of analytical reports, regulations, strategic and law framework and financial instruments that will provide complete insight to International advisory body regarding the functioning of Innovation system in Croatia and it will ensure a basis for improvement suggestions.

According to the implementation plan, INOVA THINK THANK should be established through the year of 2018.