Industrial Strategy

On September 11th, 2014. Croatian government implemented the Industrial strategy of Republic of Croatia from 2014.-2020. The main objective of Croatian industry has been defined by this strategy, and it states the following: repositioning of identified strategic activities in the global value chain towards the development of activities that create added value.

Alongside the main goal, several other goals have been defined, and they are the following:

1. Increase in industrial production at an average annual rate of 2,85%
2. Increase in the number of new employees by 85.619 by the end of 2020., of which at least 30% are highly educated
3. Increase in labour productivity by 68.9% between 2014.-2020.
4. The increase in export between 2014.-2020. by 30% and transformation of export structure in favour of export products with high added value

Industrial strategy of the Republic of Croatia 2014-2020. can be downloaded HERE (in Croatian).