Strategic project I.

Prioritetna S3 područja

Twelve existing competitiveness clusters participated in the making of S3 strategy and in the defining of thematic and sub-thematic areas within the process of entrepreneurial detecting. Based on defined global trends, strengths, potential in Croatian business and R&D sector, results of entrepreneurial detecting process and main S3 selection criteria the following thematic priority areas have been selected:
1. Health and quality of life,
2. Energy and sustainable environment,
3. Transport and mobility,
4. Security,
5. Food and bioeconomy

As well as 13 sub-thematic priority areas (Pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices; Health services and new methods of preventive medicine and diagnostics; Nutrition; Energy technologies, systems and equipment; Environment friendly technologies, equipment and advanced materials; Added value manufacturing of road and rail vehicles parts and systems; Environment friendly transport solutions; Intelligent transport systems and logistics; Cyber Security; Defence dual-use; Mine action program; Sustainable food production and processing; Sustainable wood production and processing

Having in mind the complexity of developing global value chains and their huge dynamics it is planned to develop 7 global value chains in the first year of Project from the following priority areas:
Sustainable wood production and processing
• Sustainable food production and processing
• Energy technologies, systems, and equipment
• Added value manufacturing of road and rail vehicles parts and systems
• Defence dual-use
• Environment-friendly technologies
• Pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices